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Green energy,green life

Topband domestic energy storage system gets energy from rooftop solar power generation equipment, household wind turbines, and low-cost power of social power supply systems. This system can be used at peak times, not only meets emergency purposes, but also useful for family electricity costs saving.

Green life

Home appliance design, beautiful appearance, easy to operate.Friendly man-machine interface, large LCD screen display

Safe, environmental
friendly, no pollution
Long cycle life
during warranty time
Safe and reliable
Fast charging
High efficiency
Easy to use, personalized control

Support WiFi communication and cloud platform;Support online data transmission to the energy portal;Support mobile terminal visualization and personalized control.

How it works

Maximize self-consumption and backup capabilities ,Home wall-mounted energy storage system stores solar energy during the dayFor later use, it can provide electricity for household loads until evening and night. The result is a greater rate of consumption and a significant reduction in monthly grid electricity expenditures. The independent function of the home wall-mounted energy storage system allows the user to

Use the battery to power the critical load when the grid is not available.

  • Item/Model
  • TB51150F-T110A
  • Nominal voltage
  • 51.2V
  • Nominal capacity
  • 150Ah
  • Nominal energy
  • 7.68KWh
  • Chemistry
  • LiFePO4
  • Operation voltage range
  • 40~58.4V
  • Allowed Max charging power
  • 7KW
  • Allowed MAX constant charge current
  • 150A
  • Allowed Max discharging power
  • 7.5KW
  • Cycle life(DOD100%)
  • 2≥2000cycles
  • Battery module size
  • 758x617x220mm
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Humidity Range
  • 10%-90%RH
  • cooling
  • Natural cooling
  • Storage Temperature & Humidity Range
  • -10-30℃
  • Installation Altitude(above sea level)
  • <2,000m
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